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    What Women Want In a Man

    Most men consider women a great big mystery. They don’t understand them, don’t know what makes them tick, and they’re not highly motivated to find out. If you’re not currently hooked up with a steady girl, then file this important information away for later. It’s...

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  • couples

    What Men Really Want In Modern Relationships

    Women often say that men confuse them and that they are unsure what a man is really looking for. Many women don’t care what a man is looking for anymore because they have been empowered by their own sexuality and in which case, as long...

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  • sexy dress1

    What Not To Wear To The Office Party

    End year office parties is where a group of employees and employers come together to get to know each other. You’ve been working up the nerve all year to strike up a conversation with your boss , and the office holiday party can be your...

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  • suit sexy

    What to wear to the Office

    Looking great for work without the drama and fuss can be easy when you know what to wear. If you plan properly you can assemble a business wardrobe that is appropriate for all situations – and at short notice – any day of the week....

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  • bugatti-veyron

    Most Expensive Cars in the world: Top 10 list 2009 -2010

    Cars, Cars, Cars we love to own one though you must ask yourself this question…What is the most expensive car in the world? The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was sold for $8,700,000 in 1987. However, that car and many alike will not be included...

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    Most women do not understand a thing about men

    Its a known fact that women came from venus and men from mars. One of the most common complaint I have heard is this part that comes after sex..its a known fact that men never cuddle! they fall asleep weird huh? One of things men...

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  • Colin Farerel

    Why women love bad boys

    What do Colin Farell and 5OCent all have in common? U guess are as good as mine they a all bad boys!! Women just love them!!If you’re a woman, you may be saying “hmmm” as you hear these words. You know you shouldn’t, but you...

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  • Megan Fox

    Women’s Dresses – A Flashback to feminity – Article by Marissa Lindersom

    Women have worn dresses as their main style of clothing, throughout history. While the dress styles have changed, one thing has remained; the dress is still the main representation of women and femininity. The rise in the popularity of dresses can be attributed to the...

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  • Tyra Banks

    BELTS:A must-have fashion accessory for Women.

    It’s well known in East Africa that Ugandan women know how to dress. Fashion belts are the latest trend since 2008 when it hit the fashion scene. From leather to ribbon, beautiful belts are the must have-accessory because it is an easy way to add...

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