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    The 10 Worst Communication Mistakes For Your Career

    These skills are required, but that doesn’t mean you rack up bonus points for having them. Instead, you get demerits for your mistakes, as superiors silently cross you off their good lists. So what are the pitfalls to avoid? The study uncovered the 10 worst...

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    Two International social media experts have confirmed that they will sharing knowledge at the social media for business event , an event organised by The 360 network, Blu Flamingo, Google Uganda and Airtel Uganda. One of the confirmed is Shawndra Hill  an Assistant Professor in...

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    The Old skool Reunion gig brings out the kid in us

    Cover Story in The Observer Written by Shifa Mwesigye Wednesday, 19 October 2011 21:32 Watching NBS TV’s Joy Doreen Biira’s well manicured fingers sweep and caress the ground as she played Duulu (think of pool without the cue sticks, fancy balls or table) with the...

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    Increasing employee productivity

    Getting employees to be productive in this day and age can be somewhat, a hurdle. Poor attitudes, laziness, a report in 2010 showed that Ugandans were the laziest East Africans and distractions in the form of new technologies and social media have not helped the...

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    When Love, Work Collide Dating a colleague: how do you deal?

    You wake up in the morning and expect another boring day at the office: same old people, same workload. Wouldn’t it be great if your company hired some great looking guy/babe to spice up the work environment? Of course it would, even if it means...

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    How to overcome your stress.

    Each one of us gets stressed at a certain point. It could be as a result of trying to beat a deadline, are trying to hold down a job together with mothering an infant, have so many relatives to look after or are emotionally distressed...

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    Beat that chapati seller. Make time for your spouse

    You have heard the stories; so and so’s wife is getting it on with the askari. “Askari? Yiyi,” you say to show your surprise and even before you have finished showing your surprise you are told that the other one is getting it on with...

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