How to overcome your stress.

Each one of us gets stressed at a certain point. It could be as a result of trying to beat a deadline, are trying to hold down a job together with mothering an infant, have so many relatives to look after or are emotionally distressed by a bad relationship. Whatever the case may be, it is almost a guarantee that a human being will be stressed at a certain point in their life.
Because stress has the negative effect of reducing on our productivity at work, rendering us physically ill, triggering heart diseases and making life uncolourful, it becomes important that we learn how to deal with it. Below are some simple tips on how you can beat stress.
If you lead a hectic life, it is important to be orderly. Create a timetable showing what you will be doing where and when. It is important to adhere to that timetable. Creating a timetable, according to experts, creates orderliness and orderliness is relaxing. It ensures that an individual does not feel like they have so much to do and they don’t know how they are going to do it all. In a sense, it gives a person a sense of control and this is an important factor in stress reduction.
It is important to adhere to one’s set timetable so as to be able to execute all planned duties within the allotted time. This will ensure that one has enough time left over to engage in activities outside work. We have heard it said: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. While it has not been turned into a wise saying yet, we also know that all work and no play make Jack a very stressed boy so it is important to take time off work.
Time taken off should not be used to engage in more stressful activities like household chores (that is if you find them stressful). Instead, it should be used to engage in an activity that one is passionate about. On,  it’s said that engaging in an activity that one enjoys slows down brain waves, stills internal chatter (you know those little or sometimes loud nagging voices telling you you ought to do this and that). Slower brain waves and stilled internal chatter has the effect of calming an individual. Constantly engaging in one’s passion, it could be walking in a green environment (it is for me), talking to friends, hanging out or biking, ensures that one gets a constant dose of relaxation which will ensure that one avoids stress.
Other tips for managing stress as advanced by www.  include engaging in physical movement as this has the effect of opening up the chest loosening those tightened muscles and it lifts up spirits. I can attest to this. Every time I have been stressed, I have walked it off. Going for a massage, which loosens tightened muscles and relaxes the mind is also advised.
Amazingly, a medical doctor and researcher at Harvard University Herbert Benson calls for people to rely on faith to beat stress. It has been said that believing that God or a super power is in charge and works for our good has a way of making feel like all is alright. Now, the medical doctor says that muttering a Hail Mary or a meaningful religious line has a relaxing effect.
There are many other ways to beat stress, we’ve given just a few. As long as it relaxes you, engage in it and you will be better. Also, keeping a positive mindset helps. Do not look at yourself as a victim. Believe that you have the ability to beat it and you will.