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    What size are you?

      As  we all know our beloved friends, sisters, brothers ,boyfriends, girlfriends are coming back from whatever country they are UK, USA name it, for the festive season and they usually bring us stuff inclusive of clothing. I have had a problem with this, usually...

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    How parents mess up their children right from birth!

    I have been on  many occasions where every time a woman has resentment toward men or a young gal is interested in older men, they say they have daddy issues or when a man can’t be in a committed relationship they say he has mummy...

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    9 tips to manage your files better

    You work with documents, presentations, graphics, and other files all day—and chances are, you have a lot of them. That means it takes some time to find the documents you need. Even if it’s just a couple of minutes here and a couple of minutes...

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    How to professionally handle criticism

    Criticism is a vital aspect to career development. However, many of us are closed off to because truth be told, it is hurtful. It reminds us that we are imperfect, a fact that most of us want to forget. However, because it is important for...

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    When Love, Work Collide Dating a colleague: how do you deal?

    You wake up in the morning and expect another boring day at the office: same old people, same workload. Wouldn’t it be great if your company hired some great looking guy/babe to spice up the work environment? Of course it would, even if it means...

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    Beat that chapati seller. Make time for your spouse

    You have heard the stories; so and so’s wife is getting it on with the askari. “Askari? Yiyi,” you say to show your surprise and even before you have finished showing your surprise you are told that the other one is getting it on with...

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