Most women do not understand a thing about men

Its a known fact that women came from venus and men from mars. One of the most common complaint I have heard is this part that comes after sex..its a known fact that men never cuddle! they fall asleep weird huh? One of things men don’t understand is how a woman can simply want to cuddle and be close to her man without it having to lead to sex in the next five minutes! I happen to find this funny, that is once I am past getting annoyed and then getting the mood… Women also associate affection to a lot of different actions, while men may not make those same associations, so this leads to a lot of confusion between the sexes… for example, when a man says they (couple) are going to do something on a particular night and then he forgets! A woman’s feelings get hurt, and the guy doesn’t quite understand why she is hurt. Men are mysterious beings. There is no way women can ever understand men’s logic, just like men can never understand what women want from them. Women typically think of men as strange human beings, whose actions go beyond their understanding. For example, men do not want to meet a woman again after a very good date, they can suddenly disappear and leave phone calls and text messages unanswered, they say that they never want to get married, but then become faithful husbands. What if women simply do not want to know the true reasons that make men break up a relationship, lose a phone number and make proposals to other women? What if women prefer not to know those reasons just because they may not like them? What if women prefer to believe only what they want to believe (all men are assholes)? Read on