Why women love bad boys

What do Colin Farell and 5OCent all have in common? U guess are as good as mine they a all bad boys!! Women just love them!!If you’re a woman, you may be saying “hmmm” as you hear these words. You know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t help yourself. There is just SOMETHING about these guys that draws you in, even as your head tells you to “beware”! So, what exactly is the attraction? It’s not necessarily that they are more physically attractive or smarter or more successful than the “nice guys”. In fact, they can have fewer of these qualities, yet be harder to resist. Take for instance our Ugandan so called celebrity wives like: Zuena (Bebe Cool), Bobi Wine (Barbie) and Daniella (Chameleon) are all good gals but their choice of men is questioning…I dont want to get into details but I guess you have read tabloids and u hear all kinds of trouble they get into . For several years, Kevin “K-Fed” Federline was the reigning Bad Boy of the tabloids. While he’s easy to mock, K-Fed did manage to bag the most famous babe on the planet at the height of her career. Britney Spears overlooked the fact that he was broke and already had two kids by another woman; she was enthralled by his cocky Bad Boy swagger. Most women would prefer to go for a nice guy (with an edge) but most so called nice guys stand on the side lines and expect a woman to come up to them. Most lack the balls to go up to a woman of interest because they are too scurred. The so called thugs have charisma, they at least will approach while nice guys expect women to approach them because they are well…nice. Women are attracted to men who exude confidence, assertiveness, who they find physically appealing and charasmatic. Most nice guys lack those things. They are too scurred of rejection from a woman so they talk themselves out of approaching a woman, then sit back and talk bad about how women go for the thugs. Well if nice guys want women, go after them. Read on