What Men Really Want In Modern Relationships

Women often say that men confuse them and that they are unsure what a man is really looking for. Many women don’t care what a man is looking for anymore because they have been empowered by their own sexuality and in which case, as long as the man wants them, that is fine. Women complain that there is no good guy around or that all men are jerks!! which isnt true.

First of all a man is seeking a love-interest. This may surprise many women but men like to love and they like being loved in return. The problem is that many women come across as impassioned and cold. It is not easy to find a loving woman and it is very noticeable how many men try and hang on when they think they have found their Miss Right.

Men are seeking a woman who is attractive to them. Men aren’t necessarily looking for a catwalk model or one who has a body like Beyonce. Men do want a woman who takes pride in their appearance , a trustworthy girl whom they can have faith in and someone who will be there for them. A man can never forgive a woman being unfaithful and so he is looking for someone who he really does trust.

Men want to make a home eventually and are looking for a woman who will be a willing sharer in home life. Women with a sociable lifestyle are attractive because they can be relied upon to keep the social diary running in a long term relationship. Men are seeking women who are feminine gentle and kind because deep down the qualities that make a woman a great mother are an attraction in themselves. I know this sounds weird but men want someone who would make a great mother to future offspring.

Men want women with a great sense of humor. Women often come across as uptight or too bothered by too many small details. You will sometimes hear mention of a girl who is ‘one of the boys’. What this means is that she is able to fit in with their humor and is sociable and fun to be with. Such women are extremely attractive to many men. Men want to have a good time and relax when not working and so their ideal partners are women who are able to do the same.

Men want a woman who will commit to them. Though increasingly this is hard to find, it doesn’t take away the wish. Men want a girlfriend who they can share with and trust and be open with. Commitment is not a one way street and therefore men are struggling to find the levels of commitment they found previously. But the need is still there. So to all the single ladies out there try out these tips and remember this men dont want to be alone.