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  • frustrated at work

    Why you are stuck in a career rut and how to get out of it.

    “The job started out so well—but now you’re frustrated, floundering, and confused. Why are your  co-workers ascending to the next rung of the career ladder while you’re stuck in the same spot? Does that sound familiar?  Sure it does for Daphne who has worked in the...

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  • 7 Habits that will help you take control of your life.

    7 Habits that will help you take control of your life.

    If you are tired of living week to week, of having your phone regularly cut off or having to make excuses to skip dinners with your friends if the money has run out before the end of the month then you can use the seven...

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  • Tweetable test 2

    Tweetable test 2

    Test test

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  • Twitterup test

    Twitterup test

    Test test

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  • social-media-marketing3

    Why Ugandan Businesses should embrace Social Media.

    Recently, Randi Zuckerberg a  sister of Facebook.com founder Mark Zuckerberg resigned from the position in Facebook as director of marketing to start her own organization RtoZ media which will be helping businesses integrate social media in their marketing mix. This only shows how big and...

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  • seven-ways-to-boost-employee-morale_lrg

    Increasing employee productivity

    Getting employees to be productive in this day and age can be somewhat, a hurdle. Poor attitudes, laziness, a report in 2010 showed that Ugandans were the laziest East Africans and distractions in the form of new technologies and social media have not helped the...

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  • stress

    How to overcome your stress.

    Each one of us gets stressed at a certain point. It could be as a result of trying to beat a deadline, are trying to hold down a job together with mothering an infant, have so many relatives to look after or are emotionally distressed...

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  • 08232009-Consultants

    Jump starting a job search at 50- ho to go about it.

      HAVE you ever imagined what you will be doing at the descent age of 50 years? Imagine, when probably your knees are becoming feeble, and you are still hustling with rent, putting food on your table, children’s school fees, electricity bills and transport fares...

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  • Robert Ahimbisibwe during the Ask the Entreprenuer Forum

    Dreaming Big? Look at what someone has done, aspire to do it better -Robert Ahimbisibwe

    10 years ago, Robert Ahimbisibwe started Select Garments. Last year, it was named as one among the Top 100 well managed medium sized companies in Uganda. Just this month, Ahimbisibwe launched another shop at Lugogo based Forest Mall, the launch that doubled as celebration of...

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  • Ask the Entrepreneur Forum Pictures on Facebook

    Ask the Entrepreneur Forum Pictures on Facebook

    Thanks everyone for your role in organising and participating in the 360 Ask the Entrepreneur Forum on 2 June 2011. We hosted  Mr. Sudhir Ruparelia, Sylvia Owori, Robert Ahimbisibwe and Patrick Bitature. The event was modetated by Arinaitwe Rugyendo. Mr. Andrew Mwenda was recorded while...

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