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    Ask the Entrepreneur forum 2012: Business Clinic coaches Unplugged!

    Before we go into the details of  who these people are, let me tell what they will be doing. As we have already eastablished, this year ask the Entrepreneur forum is not only going to be about talking to Top Entrepreneur, Its going to entail...

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    10 Things you can do while you’re Unemployed

    Although this survey was not done in Uganda, this does not mean that unemployed youths in Uganda cannot relate to some of the surveys done here and solutions provided. Please read and enjoy If you’re unemployed and worried that employers will turn you down for...

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    How To Identify A Good Network Marketing Opportunity

    With the current economic crisis the idea of making money real quick sounds quite attractive. Some network marketing companies might just take advantage of this distribution system to make people think they can make it big without any specialized training and without making any major...

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    Understanding The Concept Of Network Marketing

    Network marketing is a business model by which a company distributes its products or services through a network of independent distributors using direct selling. The other terms for network marketing are multi level marketing or referral marketing. Network marketing is yet another form of sales and...

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  • Cover letter writing tips for students & fresh graduates

    Cover letter writing tips for students & fresh graduates

    If you’re in your last years of college or a new graduate, first up on your priority list will be getting a full time job. There are many tactics to use for marketing your employment skills but sending out cover letters and resumes are the...

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    The 360° Network to launch The 360° Campus on 22 March 2012

    The 360° Campus is an initiative to help university students prepare for the successful transition from school to the work place. Our mission is to provide career enhancing skills through initiatives that bring campus students in touch with mentors, employers and interest groups to interact,...

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    Chronicles of a fresh working graduate

    Its 5am. I snap out of my bed, hurriedly head for the kitchen to make my self-lunch for the day. As I tiptop through the corridor not to awaken anyone, my mind can’t think of anything more weird than waking up early when everyone is...

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    How four brands manage their wildly successful Facebook pages

        Social media managers dream of having an audience of millions. We think of how amazing it would be to have legions of engaged fans commenting, liking and sharing our brilliant posts while sitting back and watching the fan base swell.For some brands, this...

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  • Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    Every end of year, we take time to reflect and appreciate the people that make all the difference and help us successfully deliver on our promise. Because of your support, 2011 has been a very successful year. On 25th January 2011, we hosted the 360°...

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    How to professionally handle criticism

    Criticism is a vital aspect to career development. However, many of us are closed off to because truth be told, it is hurtful. It reminds us that we are imperfect, a fact that most of us want to forget. However, because it is important for...

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