Chronicles of a fresh working graduate

Its 5am. I snap out of my bed, hurriedly head for the kitchen to make my self-lunch for the day. As I tiptop through the corridor not to awaken anyone, my mind can’t think of anything more weird than waking up early when everyone is asleep to make lunch! Well, at least am now used to my weird routine.

Well, this is how my day begins and the hectic routine goes on throughout the week. Not that I am complaining about getting a job. I am just complaining about the fact that I haven’t managed to afford a car yet! Whether it’s a dry or wet season, a car is a thought these extreme weather conditions breed! I mean the conditions call for extra baggage like either a carrying a shoe cleaning kit or extra pairs of shoes on your way to work while in a “Rav2”. Our home (I am about to own one) is not exactly near the road so I usually spend like 15 minutes walking to the road. Wondering why I can’t get on to a boba B?  It’s always very early plus it’s not user-friendly for my pocket with this biting inflation.

You know, this wasn’t my first job but it was my first “official” job where I had to register for NSSF and get a quarter of my salary cut mbu taxes…am still getting used to this working life. The money you earn at the end of the month comes with plans drawn already so you barely have a “feel” of it (Reader warning: this is my experience here). Actually, one plans for the money in advance and trust me, now I understand the notion of salary earning people being broke all the time.

With my job, I am grateful to God. There are those moments when, as I am sitted with people much older than I am and we are discussing work issues, I drift abit and start thinking; “GOD, I can’t believe am here. They are listening to my suggestions and they think they really matter…”

Then that moment when they assign you a big role in a project campaign, awesome moment just… You can’t actually come to terms with the fact that you are growing in your field of study. The realities are finally starting to sink in my nut especially when you finish work and all you are thinking about as you pack your bags after work is to just go to bed and rest. These transformations actually extend to home when you summon the whole family for a meeting and they actually come to listen to you!

At some point, all this started to overwhelm me because I was still adapting to the whole work routine thing but I am now used. I am glad I have come this far and I am now focusing on developing my career however, there is a topic that is starting to bore me. The assumption by some people that because I’ve finished work, I am supposed to be marrying immediately after…mbu it’s the “next step in life”. oba since when? Anyway, I believe that everything in life has its time so I will marry when I want as Ngugu says.

To my friends who are jobless, make yourself busy with anything so as to get experience and don’t focus on monetary benefits. Trust me; God will make a way for you. To the working fresh graduate, how is the heat so far?

Enjoy work.