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  • Choose a field you love, put your mind to it -Owori

    She has come up against all odds to overcome the mentality that women are not cut out for business. Listening to her speaking about career alongside business moguls; Sudhir Ruparelia, Patrick Bitature and Robert Ahimbisibwe at the 360 Network ‘Ask the Entrepreneur’ Forum that took […]

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  • Dreaming Big? Look at what someone has done, aspire to do it better -Robert Ahimbisibwe

    10 years ago, Robert Ahimbisibwe started Select Garments. Last year, it was named as one among the Top 100 well managed medium sized companies in Uganda. Just this month, Ahimbisibwe launched another shop at Lugogo based Forest Mall, the launch that doubled as celebration of […]

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  • Any business you do, it should make you 1% per day –Bitature

    Patrick Bitature started his business empire with a single company, Simba Telecom, then a retail chain dealership, in MTN air-time. ‘I was vending airtime,’ he says. From there he expanded into broadcasting, , followed by Electronics. He also has interests in insurance, banking, hotels and […]

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    “It is not the employer who pays the wages ,employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages” Henry Ford

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  • Video:How to start and run a succesfull business in Uganda

    Video:How to start and run a succesfull business in Uganda

    In the links below you will find video footage of Uganda’s top entrepreneurs Patrick Bitature [Simba Group], Sudhir Ruparelia-[Ruparelia Group], Sylvia Owori -[Sylvia Owori and African Woman Magazine] and Robert Ahimbisibwe-[Select Garments] share their story about how to successfully run profitable business in Uganda during […]

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  • Be true to yourself

    Be true to yourself

    Paulo Coelho, famous for his book The Alchemist is known for advising people to follow their paths. “Be true to yourself,” is a common refrain of his. While the benefits of being true to oneself are obvious (you are happiest when you doing as your […]

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  • Beat that chapati seller. Make time for your spouse

    You have heard the stories; so and so’s wife is getting it on with the askari. “Askari? Yiyi,” you say to show your surprise and even before you have finished showing your surprise you are told that the other one is getting it on with […]

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  • Grab your chance at inspiration

    Grab your chance at inspiration

    A couple of years back, Entrepreneurship was introduced on the Ugandan A’ Level syllabus. Some people were of the view that the art of entrepreneurship, just like any other art say writing, singing or even drawing could not be taught theoretically. Practical lessons were needed […]

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  • Uganda’s Top Entrepreneurs Unplugged

    Uganda’s Top Entrepreneurs Unplugged

    A few weeks ago, we asked members of 360° Network to nominate Uganda’s top Entrepreneurs. They chose Charlie Lubega,Sudhir Ruparelia,Patrick Bitature , Sylvia Owori,Andrew Mwenda and Ahmed Omar (aka Mandela). We contacted them and they have kindly accepted to come share their experience and insights […]

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  • Register & Meet Uganda’s top Entrepreneurs on 2 June 2011

    Register & Meet Uganda’s top Entrepreneurs on 2 June 2011

    Uganda’s top Entrepreneurs are ready to meet. Are you? Book your place to attend the The 360° Ask the Entrepreneur Forum & Cocktail at Garden City Rooftop on 2 June 2011 starting 6 pm. Come and meet Charlie Lubega, Sudhir Ruparelia,Patrick Bitature, Sylvia Owori , […]

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