Grab your chance at inspiration

A couple of years back, Entrepreneurship was introduced on the Ugandan A’ Level syllabus. Some people were of the view that the art of entrepreneurship, just like any other art say writing, singing or even drawing could not be taught theoretically. Practical lessons were needed for Entrepreneurship students to reap benefits from the good subject they were being taught in schools.
While it might be hard to do practical teaching of entrepreneurship in schools, you dear members of the 360 network have a chance to get practical tips on how you can turn your business ideas into reality. On June 2 at the Rooftop Garden City, you will get to meet a cocktail of Ugandan entrepreneurs that have made it big.
Patrick Bitature, Sudhir Ruparelia, Andrew Mwenda, Charles Lubega and Sylvie Owori, all massively successful business people, will be at hand to tell you how they have managed to forage the jungle that business is and how they have managed to come out at the top. Please read the mini-profiles, provided on this website, of these businessmen and businesswoman to get a better picture of their investments.
At the end of the event, we guarantee you that you will have learnt a lot and you will perhaps be spurred to put into reality that business idea that you have harbored for years. You must have heard about, read or watched individuals who started up great enterprises, from sometimes small cash reserves, because they got the chance to speak to individuals with business insight, individuals like the ones we have lined up for you. You never know, at the end of the day, you could be like those individuals.
The Shs. 50, 000 you pay for this event could spur you to action and result in a multi-billion business. Ronald, who has briefly spoken to Omar Ahmed Mandela says of the experience of speaking with the gentleman: there are simple tips that this gentleman can offer, tips that are not evident to the ordinary man but tips that make a difference in the world of business.
Darlene, who caught a TV interview of Sylvie Owori a while back, felt a rush of I-can-do-it (ism) when she heard her talk. She is of the opinion that if she saw and heard more of Sylvie, she would do something for herself.
As you might have noticed, the majority of these people are largely unwritten about. Granted, you will read this and that gossip about them (what have they acquired, how pregnant are they and so on and so forth) but you rarely get to read about how these people managed to make it big. On June 2, you will hear their stories, you will get their tips and you will surround yourself with their greatness. Who is it once again that when you surround yourself with greatness you become great too? You might not know the answer to that but when you attend the event where all these great business people will be gathered, you will find out the answer to how you can unlock the business potential within you.

See you at the event.