What to choose between netbook and laptop?

In case you have to purchase a new computer, and you have to choose a mobile one, then most of you definitely have this dilemma: should I go for a laptop or a netbook would be a better option for me. We are going to try to figure this out, depending on the differences between these two types and hopefully your choice will be easier this way.

A netbook is a mobile computer designed to take advantage of the Internet and wireless communications. WiFi is built in, of course, but it’s more than just a nice-to-have option. A netbook is deliberately built with a minimum of computing resources, and relies on the Internet to make up for what it lacks in storage and computing power.

First of all, in case you need processing power, then you definitely have to go for a laptop. Photo and video editing, advanced video games and high definition movies cannot be done at least in acceptable conditions by a netbook, therefore if you have these in mind, we definitely suggest you go for a laptop.

Next, there is size which is pretty important when talking about a mobile device. Therefore, if you plan on taking it with you every day and use it at work, school or wherever you may go for applications that don’t require a lot of processing power, you should clearly buy a netbook.

Note that there are a lot of people that find it very hard to deal with a netbook especially because of the keyboard and display. People that can’t see very well will definitely find it hard to use a netbook. In addition, the ones with big fingers and low dexterity will also have difficulties in using the keyboard for fast writing.

A netbook is a good choice as a second, mobile computer that will be used primarily for email, Web browsing, and reading. It’s great for entertainment or light work while commuting. It’s not good for HD movies or heavy number-crunching work such as graphic design and editing, CAD, simulations, 3D games, etc.

Laptops are small enough and cheap enough for many people. But for the ultimate in inexpensive computing, try a netbook.