Old Skool Reunion!!! Why you should not miss it!

Perhaps the commonest adage of all time is: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” and like all adages, this one has got a whole truth in it. Several research findings show that people who work, work and do more work without indulging in any recreational activity end up becoming stressed out, uncreative, dull and at the end of it all, less productive.

Because the360network is aware of this fact, it has yet again organized the Old Skool Reunion, slated for October 15 at Kati Kati. “During the year, we organize all these serious events for our members but this one [Old Skool Reunion] is all about having fun and networking,” Rhona Arinaitwe, the public relations officer at the 360network says. Individuals, corporate organisations and families are all eligible to attend at a small fee of Shs. 10,000. Games, music, dance, debate and fashion are some of the activities slated for that day.
How will an individual, family or corporate organisation benefit from attending this fun day? An article published on the website www.workplaceissues.com by Mary Rau-Foster points out a few benefits to be gained when employees engage in fun activities;

One of them is the fact that it refreshes employees, puts the “zing” back into them such that they become more productive. We all know how doing the same thing over and over again creates monotony and boredom which in turn kills creativity. When one takes a break away from the monotony, they come back more refreshed and ready to do their work.

That aside, we know that all work and no play often degenerates into stress. This stress can be offset by engaging in fun activities like those that are slated for the Old Skool Reunion.

The medical benefits of laughter have been proven. One of the benefits that is often talked about in order to encourage people to laugh is the fact that laughter results in the production of endorphins by the body-these are the body’s feel good hormones-and as a result, they end up making one feel good. The website www.workplaceissues.com points out that alcohol and narcotics are not as effective as endorphins in making one feel good. Beat that. Knowing this, it becomes imperative for you, your family or organisation to engage in the fun that will be experienced during the Old Skool Reunion.

It kills the tention between the boss and employee relationship: Bosses/employers are often feared by their subordinates . As such, this hinders communication which perhaps would have resulted in employees giving constructive criticism that would have uplifted the company. It also creates an environment where employees cannot air out their complaints and this results in an unhappy workforce which could result in an unproductive workforce. When employers and their employees attend fun activities like the Old Skool Reunion together, cordial relations are created. This offsets the negative effects that arise from employees fearing their bosses.

Besides the above, employee relations are also improved. There is nothing like employees meeting out of the constrained environment of the workplace. Friendships are struck, team work is encouraged and the company is better off for it.

In his article, The Benefits of Recreational Activities, Robert Kakoska points out that recreational.fun activities often have the advantage of encouraging physical fitness. We often spend a lot of time in front of our computers, the TV and many other gadgets and as a result, we end up unfit. Games, like those slated for the Old Skool Reunion offset this. And we all know that physical fitness keeps diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other heart conditions at bay.

Since individuals from different organisations will be in attendance, this will be a wonderful chance for you to expand your networks.

And last but not least, this occasion offers parents a chance to bond with their families. Often, parents are away from home, fending for their families. Annette Kirabira, a counseling psychologist advises that in order for parents to spend more time with their children and bond, they should make them a part of their activities like shopping, gaming and so on. Since this activity is also a family event, it offers the perfect opportunity for parents to spend more time with their children.