Building a Blog is a very good move towards career growth

Sarah, a marketer says: “In starting a blog I personally only wanted to join every social networking madness that there was- I set up one to keep up with the latest from the web and learn more. I was already on facebook, twitter, netlog, myspace, name it. But since I started a blog, I have had the greatest experience. For one,

it helped when I was applying for work, I put a link to my blog ? I currently hold the job. I have since made some good contacts through it which have made me develop career-wise.”

With the ever growing number of people going online for various reasons there has never been a better time to establish a web presence with an internet

marketing blog like Sarah did! Regardless of whether your work is based on or off the internet it is wise to build a blog since this is a practical way to build your career or business. Here are some of the hard to ignore reasons as to why establishing a web presence by blogging will definitely help you to build your career or business.


For starters it only stands to reason the more people who are aware of what you do the easier it will be to increase business or chances of you building your career. Do you ever daydream about leaving a sucky job and never coming back? You need exposure ? Not only to the world but potential employers or business idea. In case of a business, an internet marketing blog not only promotes goods and services but also supplies visitors with useful information, or at least it should! Based upon that line of reasoning if you post interesting enough content people WILL find you!

Boost Search Engine Rankings

When you are online, you want to take advantage of receiving as many contacts as possible. Posting fresh content (not nude pics) will help do just that. Keeping your internet marketing blog updated will help boost search engine rankings and a higher rank will send you more people. Do you know what it would mean for you if a potential employee searched and found your name on google (for the good reasons of course!) Now imagine if they landed on your blog that shows your work profile and some of the projects you have worked on! If for instance you are a writer and you have a blog with all your works, it would save you a lot running around to have someone sign recommendation papers!


Blogging is one inexpensive way to increase business and for that alone it is hard to overlook! The only investment you incur is the cost of a domain name and perhaps the hosting service if you do not already have one. It is even cheaper when you are opening a career blog like on blogspot ?it is free.

Attracts Partnerships

As your web presence increases so will the attention you get from other careers or businesses within your own niche. What this will result in a partnerships developing in the form of guess bloggers, advertisers or even joint ventures since a combined effort will yield much greater results for everyone involved.

Improves Writing Skills

Do not be lied to, it is not only writers who want to improve their skill of writing; everyone does! And since blogging involves a lot of writing, it will increase your ability to communicate your thought clearly and concisely. Like anything practice makes perfect, or at least makes you better and obviously increasing your writing skills will benefit you both personally and professionally!

Think in terms of not only composing interesting content for your internet marketing blog but also your copy writing skills as well!

Research Equals Education

The need for research is inevitable if you expect to be able and continuously create new and compelling content on your blog. This in turn furthers your own education within your niche which obviously can be used to help you to build your career! If the pen is mightier than the sword and the mind is what fuels the pen, you can not lose educating your mind!

If you can update your facebook or twitter status everyday, why should it be hard to start a blog that could get you exposed to better things in your career. All it takes is a little commitment on your part which of course is something any career oriented person should already posses.

Start blogging now!