Personal Development Plans: A great way to set (and achieve) new year resolutions

The year 2011 is finally within sight and it’s time to make those new year resolutions, again. One of the best ways to keep them is to develop a plan that will help you achieve your dreams in small steps.

I decided I should share a tool put together with my colleagues at the Performance Intelligence Unit (PIU) for all staff of National Social Security Fund (Uganda) in 2008.The tool is based on ideas from a great book: Managing performance: Performance Management in Action by Michael Armstrong abd Angela Baron. At the time, NSSF was looking for a tool to help staff become the best and the brightest in line with NSSF’s Mission. So we set out to develop a tool that would help people to set career goals, identify specific actions and monitor progress. In fact, all staff were required to submit this to their supervisors!

The beauty of such a tool is that it will hold yourself accountable to your own set goals. I think it is a fantastic way to set new resolutions and to measure achievement against them. I would also recommend a great presentation by Mr. Caleb Owino (download it here)which outlines the process of building your brand in small meaurable steps. So, get on your marks, get set, BOOM!

Happy 2011!

Statement of: Target Time frame
¤  Career goals identifying the medium and long-term work related to your individual aspirations
¤  Life Goals’ reflecting the your individual personal aspirations
¤  Job goals, reflecting your   individuals aspirations to grow in their current career  job/business in the short or medium term
¤  Learning and development objectives and outcomes expected
¤  Action to be undertaken
¤  Support required
¤  Evidence to demonstrate that activity has been undertaken