Why you need to exercise

Ever felt tired and lousy in the morning when you should be on top of your game? You shouldn’t! That is if you exercise regularly.

Exercise makes sure your body’s internal systems are in great shape and able to help the body to do what it’s good at-helping you do what you’re here to accomplish. Because we were built to roam the jungle (and chose to ride in vehicles) we have to have an alternative.

So if you are feeling tired as soon as you wake up,it’s because you are unfit! How are you supposed to get back on top of your game? Play! If you look at exercise as a game, you are most likely to enjoy it and stay fit and healthy.

Most of us think of exercise when we want to shed some fat and or preparing to fit into our expensive designer clothes (sorry brides and bridesmaids). Well, that’s a good thing but it’s not a great reason to exercise.

I’ve cursorily googled the benefits of exercise and I see over 60 good reasons at busywomensfitness.com.

I’ll summarise them for you:Exercise is very good for your health. A healthy body gives you a healthy mind. If your mind is in good shape, the sky is not even the limit to what you can achieve. And ohh, did I say how many compliments I recieve during my regular exercise day?

Here’s a simple way to get into regular exercise.

1. Play a game-enrol as a group of friends and play football, volley ball,tennis, squach, name it. As long as you work up a sweat and your heart is racing, that’s good for you.

2. Enrol at a gym (that’s closer to where you live). This way, you will become regular and consistent. Find an exercise programme to work different parts of your body. www.workoutbox.com provides lots of workouts and exercises. Fitness Pro is a great iPhone app with lots of exercises and tips.

3. Run! Running is the best exercise(in my view) that’s so simple to do. All you need is a nice pair of running shoes and in minutes your heart will be pounding away. Join the hash harriers or just jog with your better half. It’s a greatway to challenge them to better looks and related results.

4. Ride a bicycle-A bicycle is an easier exercise than running and can be great fun, especially if you ride in a group. I ride with a couple of friends every sunday(heard of Tour de Kampala?) and it’s a great way to network and have fun!

5. Skip a rope. I used to skip a rope every morning and in 10 minutes, I’d be good to go. Helps you work a sweat in a few minutes and it practical. You can skip anywhere! Try skipping to some nice music at home.

6. Stretch: Now, stretching is one of those exercises that really looks like you’re not doing anything serious because you wont be sweating. But stretching is such a useful exercise because it helps muscles to relax and facilitates blood flow. If you do the right stretches, you can get away with not doing exercises. I do this quite alot and combine it with push ups as soon as am out of bed. I basically roll onto the floor and in minutes am fully awake ready for my shower and the day ahead. Great exercise! I once read that the best exercise for any man over 30 is stretching. Read up on this!

6. Swim: Swimming is great because it is one of those few exercises in which all of your body parts are used. In 30 minutes, you will be panting (it’s good for the heart) and all you muscles will give you a thums up!

Exercise! In a few weeks, you will be in good shape but most importantly, you will be alert in a few hours and yes, on top of your game again!