Why you shouldnt miss the Orange EXPO

Today I passed by Africana Hotel ( People’s Space) to see what the Orange Expo was all about. And i wasnt dissapointed!

There is Meet and Greet area for networking, a Giant Internet Cafe, A stage area (for Cindy, Peter Miles and Quela’s performances), an Innovations centre and a Games Area.

I thought I’d share the news so you dont miss it yourselves (Expo closes on Sunday).

One of the key attractions in the INNOVATIONS section (some are unfortunately yet to be launched) were:

1.LG Watch Phone- the Orange Wrist Watch that makes Video Calls

2. A HIFI Adapter for internet Radio

3. CCTV package that allows you to record what takes place at your home or office while you’re away

4. Mobile HD TV live. They actually plan to stream all local TV.

5-Orange Apps-(this one we definately will use for our 360 Network Events and for our podcasts)

6- Fleet Management system

They are selling most of their phones at a discount and HUAWEI and ACER (as cheap as 689,00) also have some interesting gadgets at a give away price.

I have asked them for a soft copy of the event brochure and I’ll post it on the group wall asap.