Caleb Owino’s Personal Branding Speech and Presentation

Today more than ever we live in a world where differentiation from your competitors is key to getting the business or job you want.

Your unique talents, skills, experience, and passions help you to stand out from your competitors. But talent or capability alone is not enough. To stand out, one needs a strong personal brand, a solid reputation. Know how to effectively communicate your brand and success will come your way.

On 5 March 2010, we had a fantastic cocktail and Caleb Owino MD fireworks Advertising delivered a presentation on Personal Branding.

Over 350 of our members and supporters graced the event. We had a great time with Tusker Malt Lager , Milege Afro Jazz Band and Sanyu FM’s Dj Peter.

Kudos to all our sponsors-Tusker Malt Lager, Red Pepper,fireworks Advertising, SUQA and service providers D&J Audio, Apt Events, Apt Media House, IceBreakers and KFF Catering Services.

We have uploaded Caleb Owino’s speech and presentation for you to download.

To access them, Click on 360° Knowledge Page, select Downloads and right click to save to your computer or open them. You can also access them here.

There are three files:
1-The speech in MP3 format(42MB)
2- The presentation in PDF (1.8MB)
3-The presentation in PPT (27MB)

We hope you find it as enlightening and enriching as everybody at the Forum thought!

See pictures of event here.