Welcome to the virtual home of the 360° Network!

Our website is currently under construction but we think that this temporary site will help you gain insight into our vision and objectives.
You are welcome to join the 360° Network Group  on Facebook.

Our Mission:

“To transform our existing virtual social networks into a real People-2-People, life changing network for enhancement of members’ knowledge, skills, opportunities and lifestyles”


Specifically, the 360° Network is designed to leverage the powerful networking and communication synergies provided by online social networks like Facebook for the benefit of their membership and business entities alike.

We therefore propose to:
1. translate existing Virtual Social Networks into Real Networking opportunities
2. provide a life changing opportunity for members to enhance their lifestyle, knowledge, skills and business opportunities
3. enhance members’ lifestyle by offering a rich recreation and entertainment experience

How it works:

Step 1: Members of existing Social Networks join the 360° Network Group currently on Facebook. We believe that this alone, is a unique and Real P-2-P social/business networking , continuous learning and personal development opportunity for members.

Step 2: Members will be invited to attend Monthly and Quarterly 360° Forums® to network, learn and have fun in one place!

Step 3: Members will have continuous access to moderated online posts and interactive forums about life changing subjects here on this website once it’s fully developed

What is unique about the concept and why would members want to join the 360° Degrees Network?

Our unique selling position is that by attending the 360° forums®, members have a unique and real life changing opportunity to:

1. Meet and create new and/or enhance their existing business and social networks and mutually share information and opportunities

2. Listen and learn from peers and experts on thematic life changing issue likes Personal Finance, Personal Branding, Continuing  Professional Development, Family , lifestyle and spiritual issues etc

3. Be entertained and have great fun

Contact us:

For more details, please fell free to contact us:

David 0772403507| Carol 0711565876| Solomon 0772535215
e-mail: the360net@gmail.com
Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/360degreesnetwk and www.twitter.com/the360network