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  • Which direction are you headed?

    I would ask you to take me with you especially if you are moving towards the right direction unfortunately this is a journey we all must take individually. In any case no one would say they are headed the wrong way. Everyone is always right […]

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  • Fear not so bad after all….

    Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. Mark Twain    I’ve had many happily express that FEAR actually stands for False Evidence Appearing Real as if insisting on that will actually take it away but to no avail. It […]

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  • Any business you do, it should make you 1% per day –Bitature

    Patrick Bitature started his business empire with a single company, Simba Telecom, then a retail chain dealership, in MTN air-time. ‘I was vending airtime,’ he says. From there he expanded into broadcasting, , followed by Electronics. He also has interests in insurance, banking, hotels and […]

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  • Video:How to start and run a succesfull business in Uganda

    Video:How to start and run a succesfull business in Uganda

    In the links below you will find video footage of Uganda’s top entrepreneurs Patrick Bitature [Simba Group], Sudhir Ruparelia-[Ruparelia Group], Sylvia Owori -[Sylvia Owori and African Woman Magazine] and Robert Ahimbisibwe-[Select Garments] share their story about how to successfully run profitable business in Uganda during […]

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  • Beat that chapati seller. Make time for your spouse

    You have heard the stories; so and so’s wife is getting it on with the askari. “Askari? Yiyi,” you say to show your surprise and even before you have finished showing your surprise you are told that the other one is getting it on with […]

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