Building Self-Estem: A Self-Help Guide

Webster’s defines self-esteem as: belief in oneself; self-respect. This meaning can be expanded to include terms like self-confidence and pride. Self-esteem is the combination of self-confidence and respect . Self-esteem is the way you talk to yourself about yourself and loving yourself.

People with high self-esteem:have confidence in themselves, have ability to solve problems rather than just worry about them, have the ability to confront or eliminate the things that frighten them and have the ability to take reasonable risks and take those risks.

The first step in building self-esteem is to accept yourself now as is before you attempt to improve. Self acceptance and self knowledge is the key to creating positive self-esteem. When you know and accept yourself you feel better.

Even if you were lucky enough to have grown up in a family that make you feel worth, many of you still emerge into adulthood with self-doubts about how pretty, smart or capable you are. This is when the choice factor comes in: You can either let those self-doubts tell you who you are, or you can work through them, by improving the things you can change and accepting those you can’t.

You can choose good beauty and health habits. You can change a negative attitude to positive. And you can begin liking, loving, supporting and having fun with the person you’re becoming and working on the most important relationship you’ll ever have: your relationship with yourself.

There’s plenty of self-help information available for building self-esteem READ THIS ARTICLE.

Make the choice to push self-doubts aside and walk into a room looking your absolute best and confident about who you are.