Creating Presentations using Power Point

PowerPoint” refers to Microsoft PowerPoint, a program that allows the user to design a presentation that consists of multiple slides. These slides may contain images, text, video clips, and related types of information.

PowerPoint is useful for delivering a speech, because the user can utilize text on the screen to remind him or herself of the information to be conveyed to the audience or to summarize his/her dialogue into more manageable and “friendly” sizes, as well as to entertain or explain graphs, charts, and related data.

You’ve been asked to put together a presentation using PowerPoint, and you have no idea how to begin.Get equipped with the skills to do the job. We’re not talking fancy; the goal is to prepare you with the basics — how to put content on slides and get ready to present a show.

The window that first opens in PowerPoint has a big working space in the middle, with smaller areas around it. That middle space is the slide area, officially called the slide pane.

Working in this space, you type text directly onto the slide. The area you type into is a box with a dashed border called a placeholder. All the text that you type onto a slide resides in a box like this. Read more