What Women Want In a Man

Most men consider women a great big mystery. They don’t understand them, don’t know what makes them tick, and they’re not highly motivated to find out.

If you’re not currently hooked up with a steady girl, then file this important information away for later. It’s sure to help you understand women better, prevent some heartache, and give you a decided advantage in the game of love!

Guys, as much as you want, need and treasure sex; women feel just as strongly about affection. Women just look at sex differently than men. Believe it or not, it’s not a driving influence in their day. Sex is just not a pressing issue for them like it is for you. What women really do crave is tenderness and affection. Hugging, kissing, sweet words and gentle caresses are what they need. In providing plenty of TLC, you fulfill a basic, primeval need that all women have.

Most guys just dread serious conversations with their girl. It’s their nature. Boys are taught in childhood not to reveal their deepest feelings or display emotions openly. But women can gush non-stop about their innermost private thoughts! What happens to a woman is this… she lets things build up inside until she comes to a flash point… Then she must ventilate! So don’t take it personally. By letting you know how she feels and where she stands, a woman feels validated, important.

Romance, like affection, is another thing men don’t think is very important, but women prize highly. You’d be surprised at just how deeply a girl’s heart is touched by romantic gestures and thoughtful gifts. Compliment your woman, often and well. Look for the good things, the bright spots. Dwell on what she does right. Let her know when you admire how she looks.

Most women secretly have a self-esteem problem. They often doubt themselves, and it doesn’t take much for worry and doubt to kick in! You have to let her know she’s still number one with you, by complimenting and reassuring her. It’s important. So guyz follow this and your women will be yours forever and good luck!.