It’s yet again that time of the year when students at campus start looking for internship. Some of us were lucky to get placements early but there are those are still looking for where to go even up to now. I wish you the best in your search for a placement.

When you finally have that placement, what next? Of course most times you are anxious to begin your program. The way you preform your duties and conduct your self matters a lot at that organisation. Several interns were lucky to become full-time staff so here are a few tips on how you can become excellent while at your internship.

1. Listen. You don’t know everything (or very much) about your field and here you’ve come to learn so every moment of the training counts so listen way more than you talk. You’ll get more from your internship experience.

2. Ask. Don’t assume that you know everything and don’t be afraid to ask. Pose lots of questions. No reasonable human expects an intern to know a ton. A few things I’d want to know: What do the managers read to stay up on this ever-changing industry (whatever field you are specialising in can apply)? What skills do I need to be just as good as my boss? How do I keep up with this ever changing technology? My internship boss used to tell me to ask as many questions as possible and this helped me to learn a lot in my field of study.

3. Diligence. You have to come to play every day and perform your duties to the best of your knowledge.

4. Dress. It has to be appropriate and fit the setting. I know, you’re young and hot, but I assume you want to be known as more than that. This applies mostly to the female interns. The way you present yourself at your work place will determine whether you are serious about your work. You can do a background check up about the Organisation’s dress code by asking around. For some jobs that are professional like lawyers, doctors, dress the job. You don’t even have to first learn about the organisation’s culture to know that.

5. Humility. There’s nothing more annoying than an egotistical newbie. A quiet confidence is fine, but please be humble. I know some will get bosses, who will occasionally think that you are the office messenger or tea girl, please don’t feel insulted. Those small tasks and the attitude you express to performing them will say a lot about what you are.

Hope this helps, and I wish you the best during this period.