Avoid working so hard – time management tips:

Sometimes, we get bogged down with so much work. Boss A wants this while Boss B wants the other. Meanwhile, baby and family are also clamouring for our attention. We feel that there is simply too little time for the too many tasks we have to perform and most times feel overwhelmed. However, there is no need to feel this way if we manage our time well. Below are tips showing how we can manage our time so as not to feel too overwhelmed.

On  www.marin.edu, it’s  advised that  you  set your priorities. “All time management begins with planning. Use lists to set priorities, plan activities and measure progress.” A priority list shows you what is important and therefore what needs your attention so you set down to doing it. Experts also say that planning creates order and this order enables one to use time well. With order also comes the feeling of not feeling so overwhelmed as one feels a sense of control. Lists also enable one to work at one’s priorities and when tasks are accomplished, one does not feel so overwhelmed.

While making a list, it is important not to create impossible situations, according to www.marin.edu . “Don’t get trapped into doing too much,” the website advises. You are only human and can only go not so far, and the faster you realise this, the better. When you take on only tasks you can manage, then you will not feel so overwhelmed.

“Avoid distractions and a lack of focus,” the website advises again. Many times, we waste time on trivial issues like gossiping, facebook-ing to mention but a few, instead of work. If we only used our time well, we would avoid feeling so bogged down with work. Of course  this would only apply in instances where one has not taken on more than they can handle.

Getting the work done as opposed to procrastinating and postponing it will also enable you to achieve your goals within the set time frame. Many times, we keep pushing forward tasks, especially those tasks that we do not want to do and when we do this, we pile up work. This pile of work makes us panic when we realise we have so much to do yet we have too little time to do it.

In a nutshell, it is important for you to take on only tasks you can manage, creating a list of the tasks you are to do and when you are to do them and then using your time well to accomplish these tasks if you are to avoid the feeling of having so much to do yet you have so little time.