Beat that chapati seller. Make time for your spouse

You have heard the stories; so and so’s wife is getting it on with the askari. “Askari? Yiyi,” you say to show your surprise and even before you have finished showing your surprise you are told that the other one is getting it on with a chapatti maker. The stories go on and on and they make you wonder, why are all these people cheating on their spouses? Belinda contends that it is because those husbands do not find time for their women. “He works all the time, fails to find time to meet your emotional and other needs, what do you expect?”
While it is no excuse for a partner to cheat on another because they are not spending enough time together, research and common sense show that it is highly likely for a partner to cheat if their needs are not being met. Human beings have the need to be loved and if the partner is unavailable to fulfill the need, then in comes the chapatti seller.
Many of us are likely to have our partners cheat on us or are likely to leave them dissatisfied because we are too busy working. You might have noticed that as you move up the corporate ladder, you get more work heaped on your plate and a person who used to be home by 7p.m finds that at 9p.m, they are still at their desks. So, what should you do to ensure that while you are busy making money that you need to survive, your partner is not away playing?
Counselors advise that couples invest in sound communication. Communication is the bedrock of any good relationship and to sit a spouse down and let her or him know that you have to work late so as to maintain a certain lifestyle would go a long way in averting problems. When you don’t talk to your partner and you let them imagine what you are up to when you are working, you are headed for disaster. He/she might imagine that you are somewhere being naughty and he/she also goes out to be naughty.
Finding time for your spouse will go a long way in helping you prevent problems. The problems start out because you are not sparing time for your spouse so finding time for them would be one way to nip the problem in the bud.
How do you find this time? By using your work hours well. Some people spend work hours chatting away and when it is time to go home, they start on their work. Making a conscious effort to manage your time also bears results.
If your boss is giving you too much work, you can ask for it to be reduced. You need personal time and should fight for it.
Finally, ensure that the time you spend with your partner is time well spent. Make her feel valued. This way, when you are away, she won’t feel like some useless cardboard that has to seek re-assurance from in another’s arms.