Register & Meet Uganda’s top Entrepreneurs on 2 June 2011

Uganda’s top Entrepreneurs are ready to meet. Are you?

Book your place to attend the The 360° Ask the Entrepreneur Forum & Cocktail at Garden City Rooftop on 2 June 2011 starting 6 pm.

Come and meet Charlie Lubega, Sudhir Ruparelia,Patrick Bitature, Sylvia Owori , Andrew Mwenda, Mohan Kiwanuka and Omar Ahmed and learn how to start and manage a succesful business.

Moderator: Arinaitwe Rugyendo

Tickets for the event are on sale at UGX 50,000 only.

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Registration is closed for this event.
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  1. I would like to thank the management of 360 network. for giving us an opportunity to meet Big business power house in Uganda.

    I wish this upcoming forum to to discuss more of the future of Uganda’s economy.. especially the discovery of oil and the introduction of cable network in our economy..i believe these are most important variable to push uganda’s economy on big highest.

    the question is are we ready to make use of those variables?

    i cant wait to attend

  2. Many thanks for your feedback, Ronald. We shall definately plan for such events in the future.

  3. george kiiza

    am very glad that amongest fellow ugandans there are those who have a heart of sharing there knowledge with others which turn will lead to development of our country. yo for sure like ISAAC NEWTON who who put whatever he had in his head and is science followed world over. i can’t wait!!!!

  4. I have just joined the network and appreciate the good work being done. Is there a way of taking it to the universities too to ensure that the future graduates finish school with the mentality of job creation as opposed to job seeking. It would be good to tackle some of the issues from the grass roots. Eventually in long-run, we could take it to secondary schools and ultimately, design a package for primary schools. What do you think?

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