What Not to Wear to Work

Whether the organization has an employee dress code or not; there are some clothing items that are not appropriate to wear in any organization regardless of the policy.

At work, you interact with people on a professional basis. If what you wear to work is too sexy, you introduce an unprofessional element into the relationship. The last thing you want is people at work wondering if you’re wearing a push-up bra or G-string underwear. In short, you should not wear to work anything that causes people to whisper about you or wonder if you lack judgment.

Never wear something that will make you look too flashy or too beautiful. There is such a thing as looking too good. Just that you should not wear to work things that make you look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.This will cause jealousy and resentment to your workmates.

If no other woman in your office is wearing 5 inch heels to work, then do not wear them to work either. And if no other man is wearing slimming shirts with cuff links, then don’t wear them to work yourself. Just be yourself don’t try to be like someone else.

At work you should try to look your professional best. Do not wear to work clothes that do everything possible to make you look ugly. Do not wear mismatched colors to work. Do not wear plaid shirts with striped pants to work. In short, try to avoid looking like a clown!. Wear clothes that enhance your good features, but without over doing it to the point of being flashy.

To sum up dress for success and be yourself …