What Not To Wear To The Office Party

End year office parties is where a group of employees and employers come together to get to know each other. You’ve been working up the nerve all year to strike up a conversation with your boss , and the office holiday party can be your perfect outlet to shine–if you look the part. But the main mistake we women make is we dress too sexy for office parties.

Women, more than men, tend to get in trouble in social situations because they have so many more options, says branding specialist Amanda Sanders of NewYork ImageConsultant. And in the quest to look good, women often choose revealing rather than understated outfits.The wrong outfit–which might include a too-short skirt, backless dress or low-cut top–will quickly make you the subject of unwanted stares and gossip. ”Senior employees tend to entertain clients more, and your boss may be looking to see how you act in social situations,” says business etiquette expert Barbara Pachter, who advises companies like Pfizer ( PFE – news – people ) and Microsoft ( MSFT – news – people ).

You may be tempted to reveal your nice curves, but showing too much cleavage, leg or back is simply an unnecessary distraction. Image and wardrobe specialist Amanda Sanders of NewYorkImageConsultants, adds that provocative attire will only cause your co-workers to look at you less seriously. So all to my sexy corporate ladies out there if you want to make a good impression to your boss for a job promotion, best to stick with understated elegance, like wearing a form-fitting dress that covers up all the right parts.