Phone Etiquette

Hello, hello, yes ill meet you at home…. beans will do… a man shouting into the phone and all heads turning  to the man to see what is going on……… as basic as phone usage may be, it’s amazing how we usually get it sometimes wrong. There things we shouldn’t be doing on the phone for example;

Please don’t beep;  I even feel embarrassed to write about this,  beeping is really  such a shame, unless you and the party have agreed on the beep as a code for something, if you need someone please call them, If you don’t have airtime send a please call me text message, cause am sure the money you use to beep is enough to send a message.

Pick up your phone; when people call you, pick up your phone even if you owe them money, its better you pick up and tell them you are not in position to pay them or help them. If you are not in position to pick up let me say your are in the meeting, send them a text message and let them know you will call them after the meeting.

Learn to return your calls; This gets my blood boiling, people who don’t return calls are really annoying, by the time I called you, it means I needed you for something. if you miss a call the least you could is return the call.

 Introduce yourself; when you are calling someone for the first time, please introduce yourself. I don’t understand people who assume that you know them. If you call someone 7 times and on the 8th time they still ask “who is this” do yourself a favour and delete their number.

Please don’t be rude; there is nothing as annoying as  someone rude on the other line. Have you ever called some company and the receptionist says something like, “he is out of office……… Am not his PA so I don’t know his programs?”. How about  you say “he is out of office please leave your number  I will pass it on to him or his PA”. This behaviour has made people lose potential clients, cause there some companies I swore to never call.








Call at most twice; Am always in shock when I find like 10 missed calls from a single number within the same duration. Come on,  If someone doesn’t pick up the first 19 times you call, do everyone a favour and leave a message on the 20th try.

Pay attention and listen; If you so busy you might as well not pick, or  you could pick up and say “am so busy right now can I call you later.” It’s really annoying talking to someone who you hear multi tasking or talking to someone in the back ground and keeps saying “sorry what did you say”.


If you have any annoying habbits that people do, to do with the phone, please share them in the comments section.